Unveiling Quantum Connections: Pioneers and the Quest for Pi Network's $314,159 GCV

By: Doris Yin 


The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences announced that Austrian scientist Anton Zeilinger, French scientist Alain Aspect, and American scientist John F. Clauser have jointly won the 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics in recognition of their contributions to the field of "quantum entanglement". 
Quantum entanglement, which Einstein described as "phantom", has now been confirmed through research by three physicists: particles exist in the same state, no matter how far apart they are. They are entangled with each other and share physical properties. 

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There are deep internal connections in the universe. Microscopic particles canmaintains this kind of memory ability, can distinguish and identify certain "entangled" particles, and can "recognize" and "remember" these entangled relationships without being limited by time and space. 12 By Nonny 

It is based on the concept of pure matter. What is incomprehensible is that the characteristics of these microscopic particles are actually similar to human consciousness. 

þIn quantum physics, once this indeterminate state is observed, that is, as soon as human consciousness participates, the wave function of elementary particles begins to collapse, electrons will appear in certain positions, and some kind of objective reality will emerge. . , so that objective reality emerges from conscious measurement of participation. 

In quantum mechanics, matter is produced through measurement, and the nature of mind can also be called measurement. When thoughts arise, consciousness itself is no longer accessible, and suddenly it collapses into a specific concept. 

DiThe vast universe, each of us is a small particle, seems independent of each other, but to a certain extent, there is an indescribable connection. This relationship, like quantum entanglement in quantum mechanics, connects us so closely that we cannot be separated. 

The phenomenon of quantum entanglement has run deep into our human psyche. Is there a mysterious power that allows us to transcend the limitations of time and space and achieve mind-to-heart communication? 

We, as Pi Network pioneers, were once strangers, but our path crossed the network. Like entangled quantum particles, our fates become inextricably linked and intertwined after our interactions. We share each other's happiness and pain and have become an inseparable part of each other's lives. 
In the context of attachment theory, we can believe that more and more pioneers aresupport GCV $314,159 and internalize it, the fate of the Pi Network community will be connected with GCV, and it will definitely come true! The price of Pi will be created by the pioneers, as Dr. Nicolas. 

Since we have almost 50 million active pioneers, should we use 50 million or 100 different prices to compete with each other? The answer is no!!! That would just delay everything! We must first put our heads together with GCV as soon as possible! 

It has been more than a year since barter opened, and there are price differences across the ecosystem. This results in a lack of ecosystem maturity and makes it difficult for most merchants to replenish their inventory as it requires FIAT. However, this is not CT's fault. Rather, this was due to the short-sightedness of some pioneers. Due to price differences, the ecosystem cannot mature - a necessary condition for OM! 

I believe we can take inspiration from quantum entanglement theory. The hard work of community leaders and influencers at GCV will encourage other pioneers to support GCV and work towards our shared goals - OM! 13 By Nonny 

🙏 I hope the global community will focus on education and community building. I have 100% confidence in CT and do not doubt their ability to handle regulatory and technological issues. Our sole focus is to unite and work hard to help the ecosystem thrive by promoting GCV. 



1. Take care of your Pi account by doing the following: - Mine on time and set your own clock. 
- Complete your Mainnet Tasks checklist. 
- Save your wallet passphrase. 
- Study the white paper to understand Pi Network's background, vision, and mission. 
- Apply KYC when it's open to you via your inviter invitation, or check Pi Browse KYC periodically to see if it's open to you. 
- When doing KYC, make sure you take clear photos and videos. As a validator, I see many pioneers sending blurry documents, thereby slowing down the KYC process. 
- Learn how to become a great validator to help other pioneers pass KYC efficiently. 
- It is important to always show concern for the Pi Browser ecosystem and be aware of it. Including providing attention and encouragement to GCV supporters. - Checking blockchain records is also important to understand how many pioneers are still selling and supporting GCV. By doing this, you can also get more Pi. it can compensate for your 0.01 user costs that really care about it. laugh out loud. 

2. It is important to stay up to date with Pi Network news and information through official channels. Unofficial channels may have misleading information that can cause confusion. Always remember what CT told us in the announcement and ask yourself, "What am I doing for Pi?" and share it on social media. 

3. It is important to stay away from fake news as it can lead to anxiety and depression. There are various reasons why fake news spreads, such as false promises about large bank payments or Pi price lists. Some pioneers may believe this news to be credible and make decisions such as quitting their jobs, spending a lot of money, or not looking for work, which then leads to financial difficulties. Therefore, it is very important to remain vigilant and only rely on verified sources of information. 
14 By Nonny 

4. Remember that all genuine news will be announced through official channels. It is not advisable to trust anyone who claims to represent the government, banks, or CT. Scams often occur through phone calls, emails, or other social media. 

5. If you are currently unemployed, it is highly recommended to actively look for work because confirmation of OM's opening hours is currently uncertain. Waiting for confirmation may not be the best option, as it is important to have a stable income to avoid selling the Pi on the black market and getting into financial trouble. A stable income was essential for all pioneers to stay calm and provide for themselves and their families. Don't despair if you can't find work locally. You can also look for remote jobs from home, like me. I worked in a US company for 5 years, and I found this job online. Or look for temporary labor work. When I landed in Canada a few years ago, I also worked as a cashier. Remember, even if you don't have a Pi, providing for yourself and your family is still important. 

6. When we say we're working together for uniform pricing GCV, you don't have to dedicate as much time as I do. I write a lot of articles and am in various country and community groups, so I spend more time every day. Despite this, I still make time for exercise, yoga and meditation. Therefore, if you don't need to do a lot of work, it means you don't need to quit your job for society. I always emphasize that your work should be your priority above society. Only when you have extra time and energy should you consider doing community education work. 

7. For most pioneers, reading my articles will be enough to stay motivated and avoid selling your Pi or buying it cheaply. However, if you have the passion and energy, you are welcome to "like", "repost", "comment", or forward my articles and other GCV promoter information to your group to help other pioneers learn. 

8. If you are a community leader, you need to know how to manage your group efficiently without spending too much time on it. In my Telegram group, I don't allow pioneers to post much. Our duties are very clear, so our group members should know why we are here. Groups are not a trash can to throw away any information. If we post too much, it may conflict with GCV, leaving pioneers confused about what they should do. Therefore, group administrators must monitor your group and have group rules. Our goal is to educate pioneers to unite for GCV, so we are simply presenting why we need GCV and the global barter that supports GCV. This way, we can be very efficient. I always say that success comes from FOCUS! FOCUS! AND FOCUS! If we have too many goals, we will not achieve them. Our goal is clear: support GCV! 

9. I see some pioneers asking why there aren't big cross-border commodities that they can use GCV prices to get from China or other countries. I've done the analysis. Attention, please. You must understand that all traders need cash to pay employees, materials, or rent. Before OM, most traders could not afford to buy commodities in large quantities due to the high risks and large investments. Even if they sacrifice all their resources, I don't recommend it. Why? Because that's not a wise way. He cannot unify prices and will 
15 By Nonny 

make prices go bankrupt. When I talk about traders, this includes GCV traders and low price traders, such as $1 per Pi traders. They all need cash to replenish, but they can't get cash before OM. However, OM conditions require uniform prices for a mature ecosystem. I hope you can understand the logic. 

10. So what are pioneers to do? We can take a safe and smart approach by starting with small items locally to reduce risks and set limits for each pioneer to avoid some pioneers trying to trade all your products and then sell them to FIAT or sell them at low census prices to destroy GCV . Remember, our goal during the mainnet close is not profit for ourselves but to create a consensus price for long-term success. A small $1-$10 item can create a lot of blockchain records. 

11. Chinese traders have contributed a lot to bartering for more than a year, especially traders who support GCV. Their supplies are running low. Therefore, they observe the market to see if they can gain confidence in the price to invest more money in it. If the price is still different, they will hesitate to invest more. Therefore, I recommend not waiting for traders to barter. We can do it ourselves locally. I also have plans to barter locally with the pioneers in Toronto. Since I moved to Toronto a year ago, I've been busy with work and my community, and I don't know many pioneers or friends here. However I have spoken to the Toronto team leader who is currently in China to barter upon his return. I have some new products at home that other pioneers can use. Once we prove to merchants that we are ready with compound price GCV, this will give them confidence, and CT will have the confidence to open up more KYC and migrations when they see blockchain records showing a large number of transfers going down. 

12. I see communities in many countries performing well and having 20,000 or 10,000 GCV campaigns. If we could create 1 million GCV on the blockchain, what would it be 

thought CT and traders? The path lies at our feet, not at anyone else's. When more people walk on it, there will be a path. And this is why we are called PIONEERS! 

Join NOw: 


Link: https://t.me/TPIBTap_Bot/app?startapp=tsEsttI5

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